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Birthdate:Jun 15
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15, akihabara@deep, blodong, box/page, coat west, cowboys & angels, curt/arthur, elos, epik high, eternal summer, exquisite corpse, fanfic, gay porn, henry/shindong/ryeowook, hikaru, hikaru/sho, jongdong, jonghyun/key, jonghyun/shindong, jongkey, jporn, kai/sho, kibum/ryeowook, lost souls, luxe, mithra/heechul/shindong, onew/key, onew/key/jonghyun, onkey, onkeyhyun, ot13, ot15, page/box, photography, piercings, ryeowook/shindong, ryeowook/wonbin, shinchul, shindong, shindong/heechul, shindong/kyuhyun, shinee, sho/hikaru, sho/kai, steve/ghost, super junior, super junior-h, super junior-m, super junior-t, tablo/shindong, tattoos, travel, velvet goldmine, writing

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