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Shindong pic spam *O*: Part one | Part two

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[ profile] kusano: GREEN ACRES IS THE PLACE TO BE.
[ profile] stevenghost: FARM LIVING IS THE LIFE FOR ME.
[ profile] kusano: NEW YORK IS WHERE I'D RATHER STAY!
[ profile] stevenghost: I GET ALLERGIC SMELLING HAY!
[ profile] kusano: I JUST ADORE A PENTHOUSE VIEW~
[ profile] stevenghost: DARLING I LOVE YOU BUT GIVE ME PARK AVENUE. 8(
[ profile] kusano: (dun dun dundundun) THE CHORES!
[ profile] stevenghost: (dun dun dundundun) THE STORES!!
[ profile] kusano: (dun dun dundundun) FRESH AIR!!!
[ profile] stevenghost: (sun dun dundundun) TIME SQUARE!!!!
[ profile] kusano: YOU ARE MY WIFE. >:(
[ profile] stevenghost: GOODBYE CITY LIFE T_T
[ profile] stevenghost: GREEN ACRES WE ARE THEEEEERE!!!!!!!
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Most taken by me, although [ profile] dongwoon does have a few that showed up in here.

Cut because there are tons )

Still trying to decide if I'm going to go to the July 7th show. :( I don't really want to go by myself and I should be saving money for SS3, but I would love to see the girls again and 2AM will be there too. What to do, what to do?
Yeah. Not going to lie, I feel kind of douchey because I cut some people that I like (and some that I sat there going "bzzuh, who is that?"), but I just don't have the time anymore to go through all of my friends list and keep up with people. Hopefully once my schedule calms down and I'm not working 40+ hours a week and covering people's asses, I'll be able to re-friend everyone again but right now I'm so exhausted, I can barely keep up with my own rl shit, let alone internet stuff. So. Yeah. Don't take it personally. If you want to question me or whatever, throw me a PM. Chances are though, it will stay as is.
Maaaaybe, I'll decide to be productive and tag my SNSD and SS501 pictures tomorrow. It's doubtful, but I might. :|



Apr. 29th, 2009 03:15 pm
I wanted to put this in a seperate entry so it wouldn't get lost in work crap.

I've been thinking about this for awhile and I kind of want to do some sort of photo project thing. Basically what's been floating around in my mind is buying disposable cameras and mailing them off to people who feel like participating. When they get them, they take pictures (of whatever they want; themselves, their families, their houses, towns, pets, friends...whatever, the sky's the limit) and then mail the cameras back to me. After getting them, I'll get the film developed and then take the pictures I like and make some sort of scrapbook out of it (you can either request that the photos be sent back to you or I'll just dispose of them). Once the scrapbook is complete, I'll see about somehow making copies of it to mail to all of the participants. Or something.

It's a really rough idea of what I have in mind and obviously it will require quite a bit of financing (cameras, developing the film, making some sort of book out of all the pictures together) so I'll need to think on it more (maybe having everyone by their own disposable cameras and sending them to me or taking photos with a digital if they have one), but I really think it would be awesome to do something like this. And it wouldn't even have to be just for my own friends list, anybody could do it. It would be sort of like an LJ photo project for anyone who wants to participate.

But yeah. Would anyone even be interested in doing/seeing something like that?
Because I've been going through a phase of OMFG RYEOWOOK *___* (which has been going on since M but has just recently started blowing up into a;ldkfjdf-dom), I figured I owed him a picspam, especially since I've been saving lots of older pictures lately. SO IT'S TIME FOR SOME WOOK.

Wookiiiie )
Super Junior MP4s )

SHINee MP4s )

Epik High MP4s )

My bias is so obvious. -__-;; Needs more SHINee, y/y?
The first (and as far as I know, the only) album by The Ratios, a Korean electroclash group. This is singlehandedly the best electronic album I've heard since Wet From Birth by The Faint and Empires by VNV Nation. If you like electronic music, I strongly suggest you download this. Even if you're just looking for something new and a little different I'd say you should give it a go. It's an amazing album and I really hope the guys do more soon. I found their myspace and now I want to learn Korean so I can tell them how awesome I think they are.

Burning Telepathy )
For those of you that haven't heard of Lasse Lindh, he's a Swedish musician that plays indie folk music with a little electronica thrown in. Some songs are in english, but the majority of them are in swedish. He's got a really amazing voice, very raw and emotional, and I've listened to every track on every album and I haven't disliked one.

Six albums )
This is quite possibly my most favorite picture ever. *_*

I'm not obsessive at all (or, 100 pictures of Shindong) )

Ahh, I'm letting my bias shine through again. D:
So I was talking with [ profile] spaceworrier about my number one iTunes song and I decided to upload it so you guys could hear the awesome that it posesses. Do what I do and imagine Henry playing. I guarantee you'll need new underwear. :D

Massenet: Elegie - O Doux Printemps by Joshua Bell & Michael Stern

I haven't heard from my husband or wife all day. :|
Uploaded for [ profile] nirnaeth

Track list:
1. Get Seduced
2. The Geeks Were Right
3. Machine in the Ghost
4. Fulcrum and Lever
5. Psycho
6. Mirror Error
7. I Treat You Wrong
8. Forever Growing Centipedes
9. Fish in a Womb
10. A Battle Hymn for Children

Download: megaupload : mediafire

Hmm. I'm really not sure I enjoy MF's new uploading format. :|
I've been in a porn funk ever since I found out about Hikaru leaving Coat West. This video revived me. :D

Cut for NSFW cover )
So about 10 seconds ago I was laughing hysterically because I made the Sukira theme song a ringtone. When I checked my phone to make sure it transfered, I listened to it and they sounded like chipmunks. It was fucking funny. Eunhyuk's rap is particularly amusing.

Except now, I found my original copy and it sounds the same way. And I have no idea why. Add this to my depression about my fucked up music folder and you have a sad, sad kid. Now I need to go through and organize everything that iTunes fucked up and hope that it didn't delete too much music. Although I already know that half of my Super Junior files are gone.

Please just kill me now.

I should go write. That would make me feel better. But in the mean time, have some ringtones that don't sound like chipmunks.

Girls on Top - BOA (rap)
The Moment - SJM (beginning)
The Moment - SJM (Henry)
The Moment - SJM (alternate Henry)
The Moment - SJM (verse 2)
The Moment - SJM (end)

Girls on Top - BOA (rap)
The Moment - SJM (beginning)
The Moment - SJM (Henry)
The Moment - SJM (alternate Henry)
The Moment - SJM (verse 2)
The Moment - SJM (end)

Because obviously I need another reason to listen to The Moment on repeat 24/7. <3 Oh, and if anyone has a copy of the Kiss the Radio theme song, could you send it my way? I love that song.
I was a bit depressed today because my neck still hurts a little and I'm tired and I'm not happy with a few of the fics I've written recently and it was the one year anniversary of Nonnie's death (which I'm still having issues dealing with). So, to cheer myself up, I decided to steal [ profile] shieldkitten's idea and do a picspam of my beloved Shindong. ♥♥♥

Warnings--I'm going to flail a lot and it will be justified. I will probably make cooing noises at some point. And then flail some more. And there will definitely be drooling. And quite possibly, nose bleeds.

Oh, and I tried to excercise self control but um...there is still 97 pictures. WTF? I didn't even go through super recent ones, except for SJH. >:|

SEXY ARMS, Y/Y? THIS IS WHAT STARTED MY ARM FETISH! <3333 I just want to lick them. Along with Kyuhyun's stomach. XD

Well, lets get on with it shall we? )
Here is Coat Kuratatsu's Uniform Class 1A volume 2. Download is 250mb and is in RMVB format. You will need HJSplit to join the files together.

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